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as part of a weekend pass you I hope that's good because my great, as you will want to write in the comments what you did on Friday Saturday and Sunday and I will write everything I did for those 3 days .. Regards Ash.

I do not know about. Do not you know that every day at home going through hell, that I fall to the bottom of each new day and night. I do not know how much hate taking out yet another cigarette, you do not know where I aim, do not know about my dreams, my plans, and do not know how it was, how it is. I do not know how much is a smile on my face, so rarely smiles .. I do not know about Dad.

my dog . sweet 1

my dog . sweet

part of what's there with you. not long ago I wrote a blog .. I hope you will forgive me. How so, you know I can always make up for it.
I hope that you really like.
I have lots of ideas for posts. I greet you. Lola

hey what's up with you can hear the passed days .. I see that I was not like this with a lot of people a lot of adding new posts on the blog ..
and I have a request of komentujcie my posts as you can. I love you. Kisses: *

the road ahead of me still long, but faith makes miracles.

I promise that if for some cool saucer boyfriend will never tell your friend .. hehe


Hey welcome mat for one song. How are you doing I hope you will forgive me for not entering the pinger, and there were no posts from me .. You know today I had to do at home with this girl who was my best friend but the friendship was false on her part and she had no future friendship broke up with this idiot got her quite and still crashed my relationship with such a nice guy ktrego really love you and I would like us to August went back to my place .. for every girl would do the same .. <.

Every year, strangely back in the school again to see face to face, but the most important is that I have a best friend, and Emily Janes. We do not care how it looks and especially the boys.
And I do not care! ".
But when it comes to friendship true friendship like me and Kyle is officially Take care of yourself and you're each other.
I call for Post-it stuck to every boy in the school and pretends to love them .. It does not matter.
I've had enough of this whole pretense!
The truth is that I want to have a great year. as the latter fell in love with Chad. <3
<BD + LOLA = 4 ever
Speaking for all it's like me and Kyle.
I hope that it will be forever.
Here is what others robimz!

Love they try to laugh loudly.
What is welcome because my name is LoLa but everyone will at me LoL !

Hey how you doin .. I just came back and I did not have to write on the blog. So I start again .. I'll see you kisses. the evening

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hey sorry so late but I did not have any zabardzo as what to write, and you know how it goes:> So today is the same for you kisses


but it was fun with these morons in this year's cool I recommend to gather a group of friends and order a ticket and go

Goodnight. How have any questions go ahead and smash it but it is not until tomorrow. haha: D

Hey what's with you hear .. I just returned from London and it was great .. I'll add pictures once loved.



Hi today I did not write or nothing added. So Sorry. Sweet

Good night .. kisses


I love :>

A wise girl kisses but does not fall in love, listens but does not believe, leaves before it is abandoned. MARILYN MONROE QUOTE

Vans Festival